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11 January 2011 @ 04:04 am
Welcome to bill_answers, in which Bill, the true-blue Pokémaniac, answers your questions about... literally anything. Seriously. You could ask him how Ditto mate, why the sky is blue, or whether or not he's wearing any underwear.

Here's how it works. Yes, it's tl;dr, but hopefully, it answers any possible questions you might have.

Submitting Text-Based Questions
If you're asking a text-based question, you can use any submissions post. These will be tagged under the OOC tag. The current submission post as of this writing, however, is over here.

Text-based questions are considered to be any question that's in written form and can fit within the character limit for a LiveJournal comment. (In other words, if it's under 4300 characters long, chances are, you'll want to submit it in the submissions post.) These can pretty much be anything. Scripts, poems, paragraphs describing your life story, anything so long as there's some kind of question in that mass for Bill to answer. If there is no question, Bill cannot answer it, and that would make us both feel rather silly.

In order to use the comment system, simply comment as you normally would via LiveJournal. Anonymous comments and comments made by character journals are perfectly welcome, but you're free to ask questions as yourself as well. All comments will be screened at first to avoid spoiling Answer Day (we'll get to that in a moment), so if your question doesn't show up, you don't have to post it again unless LiveJournal actually gives you an error. Chances are, we've already got it.

Additionally, when you post a comment via the submissions post, it would be appreciated if you signed your post with whatever you'd like to go by for that particular question. (Yes, you can sign different questions as different characters/people if that tickles your fancy.) If you do not sign any question and have submitted it while signed in, Bill will simply use your LJ name to respond to you. However, if you don't sign and have submitted an anonymous post, Bill will most likely make up a name for you. Considering this is the same man who possesses the incredible naming creativity that led to him calling his cottage by the sea the Sea Cottage, this is probably a bad thing.

Submitting Special Questions
If, however, you want to submit a question in the form of a video, image, soundfile, or something that you would imagine would take more than a single comment, you can do that too! Just join the community and submit it the same way you would submit a post to any other community. It will be moderated at first (i.e., won't immediately show up in the community), but on Answer Day, it will be approved and answered if you're not doing something stupid (like ask Bill how he likes the Russian porn video you've just attached... unless it's hilarious Russian porn).

Yes, unlike text-based questions, you will actually need a LiveJournal account to submit special questions. It's just the way LJ works. Sorry.

Additionally, like text-based comments, you are completely welcome to submit questions using character journals.

About Question Content
A few things to note about the questions you can ask:

1. YES, YOU CAN ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU WANT. You can come back to the submissions post and ask questions whenever you feel like it, even if you've already done so for that week. You can ask multiple questions in the same comment. Bill will not care.

2. YES, WE DO MEAN ANYTHING. Seriously, you can ask him anything you want. Except, of course, advertising, trolling the roleplayer, not-questions, posting of porn, etc, etc. Flaming may or may not be accepted, depending on whether or not it would be particularly amusing for Bill to respond to you. Propositioning Bill is A-OK.

3. You can bypass the above rule if you make a note that you're deliberately posting trolling, spamming, etc to troll/spam/post porn for Bill and not the community or the roleplayer. In other words, if you're roleplaying, Bill will respond to you. If you're actually some bot posting hot Russian lesbian action with no intention of enjoying the community, Bill will not touch your post although his roleplayer would be all over that.

4. However, please use common sense when posting questions for Bill. Huge images or content that is NSFW should be behind an LJ-cut for special submissions. Additionally, I, the roleplayer, reserve the right to reject any question for any reason (usually due to potential triggers). I'm also not perfect, so if anything gets through that still offends people, I would like to say that everything in this community is meant completely for entertainment purposes and was not meant to harm or offend any member of its audience. You reserve the right to ask for any question and/or answer to be taken down if there is a serious problem with its content.

Answer Day
After getting through all that and submitting your post any way you'd like, Bill will wait for Answer Day. Answer Day is usually a Saturday, but it's really more along the lines of whenever Bill damn well feels like gathering up your questions and answering them one by one. There will always be a new, special post for a week's worth of questions (including links to special questions), so it's a great idea to follow this community, not only so you can submit special questions (like videos, soundfiles, or whatever else strikes your fancy so long as it's in the form of a question) but also so you can get updates whenever they happen.

Lastly, the comments! Every post will have comments enabled. Feel free to respond to any of Bill's answers, including asking Bill more questions related to the questions of the post.

By now, this should cover the basics, but here's a few preliminary Q&A's from the roleplayer to further explain the game.

Q. How will you be roleplaying Bill?
A. Technically, this is the anime!Bill. Why? Because I happen to like that incarnation more than his character in the games, and I haven't read enough of PokéSpec to roleplay that one. However, you can still ask him questions about the game/Spec/whatever your favorite incarnation is, and he'll still get what you're asking.

Short form of his personality. Dry wit, slightly on the naive side, soft-hearted, believes the best in everyone, severe workaholic with a tendency to completely disregard reality and/or his well-being. Cloud Cuckoo Lander and completely unaware of this fact. Genre Savvy and quite possibly also Wrong Genre Savvy. Also incredibly smart. Probably smarter than his roleplayer.

Q. Who are you?

Q. Who's Bill?
A. The most important character in Pokémon you don't know. Go Bulbapedia him.

Q. What's Pokémon?
A. :|

Q. Okay, seriously, why did you start this?
A. Bill's a pretty cool character, and I thought it would be amusing not only to have a roleplay journal for him but also one used for having "him" interact with people, both real and OCs. In other words, I thought it would be fun.

Q. There's this LJ user named binary_codes replying! Where's Bill?!
A. binary_codes is Bill. You won't believe how many usernames that Bill would have chosen are actually already taken.

In case you're interested, it was also a former RP journal for a completely different game. There are still posts for that game, but they're marked under a special filter because the game sort of died. If you send Bill a message to ask nicely, you can be put on that filter to access those old posts.

Q. Why are anonymous comments always screened, even on Answer Day posts?
A. Because I know some of you are secretly bots who like to spam, and there's only so much Russian porn I can tolerate. This and the CAPTCHA are just the best ways to filter out those posts, in my opinion.

Q. I have another question about the game itself, not one to send to Bill. Where do I ask it?
A. Right here. Comments are enabled but screened to avoid spam/trolling/all the bad things. Just post a comment, and I'll respond using this account. (All responses to OOC posts will be OOC. It'd just be easier to log into Bill's account to manage screened posts instead of switch back and forth between my own and his.)
Vulpecula: Chibiterasu: :Dastralvulpes on January 11th, 2011 11:04 am (UTC)
This is fucking awesome. XD

I'm totally asking Bill a bunch of questions - some as myself, some as Lenore (or perhaps even Professor Juniper), and... derp, I guess I can't use P3, can I? Oh well. I'll just be a snarky ass to him myself. 8D;
Billbinary_codes on January 11th, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you!

I hope you do! Bill could certainly use some company, if you know what I mean.

And yeah, Bill would have no idea who P3 is. You could use him, though, because I'm pretty sure that would make things hilarious. (But I loved it when you trolled him in the old game, too. XD)